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Empowering Businesses with Tailored Financial Solutions

At Loansville, we recongnize that businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we are committed to supporting their growth and success. Our comprehensive suite of business solutions is designed to address the diverse financial needs of entreprenuers and enterprises alike, helping them thrive in today's competitive landsca




Small Business Loans

We are pleased to offer small business loans to businesses located in Canada and the US. These loans can be utilized to meet urgent cash needs, pay off pending invoices, purchase necessary equipment, carry out renovations, or invest in expanding your business. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face and we are committed to providing financial solutions that help you grow and succeed.

Business Acquisition Loans

Loansville simplifies business acquisition financing, whether you're acquiring an existing business, starting a franchise, or buying out a partner. Our tailored solutions accommodate various business types, ensuring quick funding approval tailored to your needs.

Discover hassle-free equipment financing, also known as Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA), Capital Lease, Finance Lease, or $1.00 Buyout. We make it easy to acquire essential equipment with flexible leasing options, including Fair Market Value (FMV) residuals for your convenience.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit from Loansville combines the benefits of a business loan with the flexibility of a credit card. It offers funds for general business expenses, but you can access the money as needed, rather than in a lump sum. This means you only borrow what you require at any given moment and pay interest solely on the borrowed amount.

Much like a credit card, the borrowing limits and payments are adaptable. Lenders can also establish maximum borrowing limits, adding an extra layer of flexibility.

Business lines of credit are incredibly versatile, offering more flexibility than other business loans. This allows borrowers to use them as a financial safety net during slow periods or when their business experiences sudden growth and requires rapid access to additional funds in Canada.

Business Bridge Loans

Running a business comes with substantial costs, from inventory management to payroll and debt management. The average small business carries nearly $200,000 in debt, a common practice when it's invested in business growth.

If you're a business owner seeking quick capital to bridge the gap between short-term and long-term financing, you might be considering a bridge loan.

Bridge loans, tailored for businesses, address short-term cash flow challenges by injecting working capital. These loans serve as a financial bridge between short-term and long-term financing, allowing businesses to fund essential expenses swiftly and effectively.

Merchant Cash Advance   

A merchant cash advance from Loansville is a swift solution to access essential capital for your business. It's based on your future credit card receivables, providing a quick and straightforward way to secure funds. In exchange, you agree to repay a portion of your future business revenue at a discounted rate.

Approval for an MCA hinges on meeting specific criteria, including the requirement that your business accepts credit card payments or has other types of receivables. We streamline the process, ensuring you get the financial support you need.

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans offered by Loansville are tailored specifically for businesses. We offer a variety of commercial loan options to suit your business's unique needs, taking into account your credit profile, funding requirements, and preferred repayment structure. These loans are versatile, ideal for funding purchases, addressing financial gaps, and supporting business expansion and acquisitions. You can choose between secured and unsecured financing options to best match your business's goals.

Commercial Secured Loan       

Secured commercial loans, available through Loansville, require businesses to provide collateral, which can include receivables, real estate, or paid-off equipment. This collateral allows businesses to qualify for substantial loan amounts, even with less-than-perfect credit. Repayment terms are typically monthly, extending over a few years for added flexibility.

Commercial Unsecured

Loansville offers a selection of unsecured commercial loan products. These loans don't require collateral and approval is primarily based on the applicant's creditworthiness. Terms are flexible, spanning from several months to several years, with repayment options available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We specialize in arranging unsecured commercial loans for a wide range of credit profiles, including applicants with less-than-perfect credit.

Construction Financing

Construction financing, or construction loans, are essential for turning ambitious projects into reality. At Loansville, we specialize in guiding real estate businesses and homeowners through the complexities of construction financing.

Whether you're envisioning a housing development or your dream home, our tailored solutions help you manage costs and secure progress before obtaining a larger, long-term loan.

With Loansville by your side, you can confidently bring your construction projects to life, knowing your financial needs are expertly addressed. Join us to explore a world of possibilities in construction financing.

Franchise Loans

Investing in a franchise offers a path to entrepreneurship with the backing of an established brand, reducing the risks associated with new ventures. Franchises leverage proven models for success, making them an attractive option with substantial profit potential.

At Loansville, we specialize in franchise business loans, which are renowned for their favorable terms and conditions. Lenders assess these loans based on the franchise's business model, financial stability, and the parent company's track record, rather than solely relying on the applicant's credit history and past performance. This approach minimizes financial risks and opens doors to profitable franchise opportunities. Let Loansville be your partner in making your franchise dreams a reality.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, a lifeline for B2B and B2G businesses with extended payment terms, transforms outstanding invoices into immediate cash. Loansville specializes in this financing strategy, offering Asset-Based Loans and Invoice Factoring options.

With Asset-Based Loans, you can borrow against your invoices, while Invoice Factoring involves selling them to a third party. These solutions are ideal for businesses with substantial revenues, providing quick access to capital for growth.

Let Loansville be your partner in optimizing cash flow, so you can focus on business expansion and success.

NON -Invoice Factoring

At Loansville, we offer Non-Notification Invoice Factoring, a discreet financing solution that functions similarly to standard invoice factoring. The key difference is that you maintain control over invoice collection rather than the factoring company. This option is perfect for businesses seeking the benefits of invoice factoring while keeping their clients unaware of the financing arrangement.

Long-Term Working Capital Loans

We understand the importance of long-term working capital for business sustainability and growth. It's the financial backbone that empowers companies to cover day-to-day expenses, whether during steady operations, slow periods, or phases of expansion.

Proactively building up long-term working capital is a smart business practice. It ensures you have the financial resources to meet obligations and seize opportunities when they arise. To fortify your financial foundation, consider securing a long-term working capital loan through Loansville. It's a responsible and strategic choice that can provide vital support during challenging times and enable your business to thr

Short-Term Working Capital Loans

Short-Term Working Capital Loans designed to support businesses with daily sales and deposits during predictable slow periods. These loans are especially valuable for businesses like retail gift shops or restaurants, helping them manage temporary dips in activity, such as after the holiday season.

Short-Term Working Capital Loans are tailored for covering immediate overhead costs, like employee wages, ensuring your business remains agile and resilient. While they're not suitable for long-term projects or asset acquisitions, they are the ideal solution for maintaining day-to-day operations, so you can focus on your business's continued success

Unsecured Business Loans

At Loansville, we offer Unsecured Business Loans, a financing option that doesn't require collateral, making it accessible to a wide range of credit profiles. Whether you have excellent credit or face credit challenges, these loans are tailored to your creditworthiness.

Our Unsecured Business Loans provide the flexibility to cover shortfalls, acquire property, purchase equipment, or facilitate rapid expansion. While most lenders don't ask for collateral, they may request a personal guarantee to secure the loan. This added layer of security ensures that, in the rare event of a default, the lender has recourse to the borrower's personal assets. Nevertheless, Unsecured Business Loans remain a relatively low-risk means for businesses to boost their working capital.

Term Loans

We offer Traditional Term Loans, a highly flexible financing option that can be used for a wide range of business purposes. These loans are paid back over time with regular payments, including interest, making them accessible and versatile.

Much like a mortgage for a home or commercial property, traditional term loans involve borrowing a lump sum of money, often secured against collateral. You then repay this amount, along with interest, through scheduled payments over a predetermined period. Interest rates can be fixed or variable, depending on the loan's specifics.

While traditional term loans are typically associated with banks, Loansville works with a diverse network of lenders, providing access to various lending institutions. Our expertise helps you find the right lender for your business needs, whether you require equipment financing, expansion capital, or short-term cash flow support.

Gas Station Financing    

Looking to launch your own gas station but facing challenges with traditional brokers and financiers? At Loansville, we specialize in helping individuals like you secure financing for their gas station business ventures.

Our Gas Station Financing Services are designed to provide you with the support you need to make your gas station dreams a reality. We offer financing solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring affordability and flexibility. Unlike traditional banks, we're committed to finding the perfect financing solution that fits your unique needs.

Hotel Financing

At Loansville, we have a rich history of collaboration with both renowned national hotel brands and independent hotel owners. We specialize in understanding the unique needs of hotel owners and developers, assisting them in elevating their businesses to new heights. Whether it's through strategic acquisitions, new construction projects, revitalizing remodels, or more, we're your trusted partner on the journey to success.

Our approach is built on forming strong relationships, asking the pertinent questions, and gaining in-depth insights into the hospitality industry. This enables us to provide tailored financial solutions that precisely match your requirements. At Loansville, we don't just aim to be productive; we're committed to being proactive in guiding you towards your business goals

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing, available at Loansville, is a specialized solution designed to empower businesses to fulfill large customer orders even when faced with financial constraints. With this financing option, businesses can secure the necessary funds to purchase the materials and goods needed to complete customer orders.

This type of financing is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing rapid growth, seasonal demand fluctuations, or limited working capital. By providing the necessary capital to acquire inventory or materials, Purchase Order Financing enables companies to meet customer demand, fulfill orders on time, and seize growth opportunities.

At Loansville, we offer tailored Purchase Order Financing solutions to help businesses navigate supply chain challenges and expand their operations without the constraints of limited cash flow.

Real Estate Loans - US ONLY

If you're a small business owner in need of financing for your real estate project, look no further than Loansville.

We have a vast network of banks and specialized lenders dedicated to real estate funding tailored to your unique business requirements. What sets us apart is our ability to collaborate with lenders to craft customized financial products designed specifically for your needs. Our structured solutions cover various aspects of real estate, including refinancing, acquisitions, rehabilitation, and construction.

At Loansville, our extensive lender network ensures we connect you with the perfect financial partner, providing you with the funds you need swiftly and efficiently.

Mezzanine Financing

Loansville offers a unique capital solution that sits between less risky senior debt and higher risk equity. It combines features of both debt and equity.

Businesses turn to Mezzanine Financing when they need capital beyond what senior lenders can provide. It's ideal for achieving various goals like funding growth opportunities (acquisitions, capital programs), shareholder activities (distributions, buyouts), or preserving future senior debt capacity.

Mezzanine Financing can be seen as either higher-cost debt (due to its higher interest rate than senior debt) or lower-cost equity (as it's less dilutive than raising additional equity). It allows existing owners to maintain control while providing patient capital for pursuing long-term strategic opportunities. At Loansville, we make Mezzanine Financing accessible, helping businesses thrive and grow.

Equipment Financing

We provide Equipment Financing in two flexible forms. Firstly, qualifying businesses can secure funds to purchase essential equipment, ranging from heavy machinery to kitchen appliances. In this scenario, the equipment itself acts as collateral, similar to a car loan or lease. Alternatively, with a Sale Leaseback Agreement, you can leverage equipment you already own to access cash for expansion or other business needs.

Equipment Financing goes by various names, including Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA), Capital Lease, Finance Lease, or $1.00 Buyout (indicating the option to purchase the equipment for a small payment at lease end). Most equipment leases incorporate a Fair Market Value (FMV) residual, which means you may make a lump cash payment if you choose to keep the equipment after the lease term.